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Concannon Connection Business Community

A business Community built on reciprocity, in which every member prospers.

The Concannon Connection Business Community is the fastest growing network of small business founders in the Midlands. Through connecting individuals from a range of industries, the community focuses on achieving success for each member and provides affordable access to the insight and support of revered business coach, Cherie Concannon.

Our community is built on a powerful concept - instead of focusing on competition, we look to support one another, sharing knowledge and experience in building a dynamic community able to achieve individual success for each member.

Membership offers a range of benefits, from tracking and accountability of performance to advertising of your business online and at CC events. Many of our members have built close ties in referring business to one another.

Monthly group sessions bring everyone together and create a platform for reflection and planning. Member clinics provide opportunity to meet with Cherie in a more intimate environment, where members can raise specific issues for discussion with the group. And Monthly Concannon Connection events provide a platform for members to show the local business community exactly why they are part of this movement!


Our Members



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Membership Benefits

Business Community Group Session


Every month our Business Community runs 2 group sessions. The 2 hour sessions are led by Cherie and are focused on Success Through Reciprocity. Attendance is open to all members and offers an opportunity to connect with Cherie and your Community members in discussing issues, collaboration in developing ideas and inspiring motivation and direction in the group.

Next Session: Wednesday 28th August 8am

Business Community Events


Our Concannon Connection Events are often over-subscribed and continue to grow in popularity. Offering 8 events per year with an average attendance between 70 - 110 guests, these are way more than your standard networking event! Members will have space to exhibit their business and will be actively promoted at the event. Our members are now beginning to regularly gain new customers from these events.

Next Event: Friday 13th September 2019 | Making Time Work for You @ The Warning Zone | View Invitation | AVAILABLE



Our clinics offer members the opportunity to problem solve in smaller groups with direct coaching from Cherie. The 90-minute clinics are limited to 4 members per clinic and provides the chance to dig deep into whatever issues you wish to bring to the session. Members can attend 6 clinics per year - offering an affordable way to access Cherie’s expertise in an intimate and productive environment.

Next Clinic: Tuesday 3rd September 8:30am | AVAILABLE



Membership offers a variety of clinics hosted by experts in their field. Each clinic will cater for a maximum of 10 members and will be focussed on finance, marketing strategy, business development and selling, setting up a new business, gaining new customers, creating and delivering a business plan, and funding.

Next Clinic: TBC

Business Performance Tracking


This element of the membership is designed to support members who want help through the provision of accountability. Members will provide quarterly performance data through our online reporting system which will then be analysed by our team. This enables us to understand how members are performing and identify businesses who might want/need extra help.

Business Community Support Network


Reciprocity lies at the heart of all we do here at Concannon Connection. Members are encouraged to regularly meet with fellow members in order to achieve a comprehensive understanding of fellow member businesses in order to spot opportunities to make referrals, problem solve, support, collaborate and motivate. We are growing a Community built on support and connection.

Business Community Online Promotion


Members will receive regular social media and online promotion from Business Community, through a structured online promotion strategy of both the membership and individual member businesses. Your business will feature in our Concannon Connection Business Directory and you will have the opportunity to contribute to our blog.

Business Community 1-1 Session


1-1 coaching sessions with Cherie can be booked at a reduced member’s rate. With 30 years experience supporting business leaders at the top of their game, access to this side of Cherie’s mentorship has been previously reserved for her corporate clients.





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Guest Attendance
We welcome guests at our Business Community member sessions. If you are interested in seeing what the business community is all about, come join us! Your first session is free to attend.
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