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Looking to grow your business?


We are Your Business Community.

At Concannon Connection, we believe business prospers through support and reciprocity. That is why our business community is your business community.


Our Members

Looking to start or grow your business? The Concannon Connection Business Community offers an unrivalled network of like-minded business founders focussed on achieving success for their business.

From Web design to Hypnotherapy, our community thrives through the diversity of its members.

What do we have in common? A passion for our Big Idea.


Your first session is free!

Come see what all the fuss is about…

Guest Attendance *
Guest Attendance
We welcome guests at our Business Community member sessions. If you are interested in seeing what the business community is all about, come join us! Your first session is free to attend.
Please select the date of the session you would like to attend as a guest.