Cherie Concannon



A pioneering business ally.


After 25 years supporting leaders and business in achieving success, Cherie Concannon now embarks on her most ambitious project yet - the creation of a Business Community.

Having developed a number of unique approaches to advancing the performance of individuals and groups, Cherie has been labelled many things - Success Coach; Corporate Culture Consultant; Global Executive Advancement Specialist. Underlying all of these roles lies Cherie's natural ability to understand, motivate and inspire people.

With a history of successful professional relationships and an extensive list of testimonials from highly regarded business leaders, Cherie has often been described as being 'the best at what she does'.

Having worked across a range of industries, Cherie's experience allows her to provide insight and create a route to progress in the most challenging of situations.



The Best at what she does

“Cherie is a ‘one off’, ‘unique’ and different. I cannot remember another woman I have met in business like her. Relaxed but focused. Certainly knows her job, no question about that. I have met people doing her type of work over the last 25 years and Cherie is the best I have come across. Cherie understands people, what makes them tick and the politics of business. This, again, is why big business uses her.”
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An Inspiration

Cherie has become an indispensable member of most organisations she has worked with. She is truly an Ally to many business leaders, and her references sight her as a key figure in achieving success for their organisation.



Current Clients


The Workshop

A monthly, half-day workshop hosted by Cherie Concannon, this free event is designed to give you tools to develop your strategy for both personal and professional growth. Each event has a unique focus and subject matter, as well as two guest speakers specifically chosen by Cherie for their expertise on each subject. This stimulating environment will provide you with a rare opportunity for reflection, inspiration and valuable techniques for personal and professional development.

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Thank you for the invitation to today’s workshop. The setting of Lumbers Jewellers was a superb inspired choice and really added to a first class event. You mentioned at the very start that this wasn’t a typical networking event and that resonated. The flow, guest speakers and attendees all impressed. I would unquestionably attend again and I will be putting into action some of the points you raised during the workshop, tremendously thought provoking.




The Business Club


A membership-based club dedicated to achieving success for each in its community. The Concannon Connection Business Club provides a unique opportunity to connect with local business leaders. All club members will receive one-to-one coaching with Cherie Concannon as well as an opportunity to meet with other members during group sessions, facilitated by Cherie. Membership is offered to any business under 500k turnover per year.

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You are Invited!

Invitations to all Concannon Connection events.


Group Support

8 x 3hr group sessions facilitated by Cherie.


Individual Support

3 x one-to-one mentoring sessions with Cherie.


Stay Connected

Phone support and instant messaging group access.


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It really works!

"I’m a member of Cherie’s Concannon Connection Business Club, which is making a huge difference to my business, helping me focus, grow and stopping me from trying to be all things to all people. Cherie is genuinely interested in people, what makes them tick and helps them to grow their business with practical and focussed actions. She gives a reality check to your strategic thinking, expectations and cash flow and holds you to account to do what you say you’ll do. Not all coaches do that – and it really works!"

Sue Grogan, Director, Joined-up Working



The Business Ally

Are you finding it hard to remove yourself from the day-to-day management of your business in order to commit time to bigger thinking? Do you need help creating the perfect team to drive your business forward? Or maybe you are looking to inspire your development as a business leader? Cherie can work directly with you and your business to find the next right move for success.

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Making a real difference

"I have worked with Cherie to build a new Board of Directors and set out a new and exciting vision for our business. Cherie not only coached me personally through this process but also identified and introduced me to two new executive directors who are already making a real difference. The work I have done with Cherie has brought in expertise and allowed me to focus on taking the business forward, a role that I am really enjoying."

Mike Ayres, CEO, advance tapes