The Concannon Connection

Cherie Concannon Business Development Coach

Cherie Concannon

A Master in Executive Coaching and Business Development

With over 30 years experience and current clients including the likes of Mattioli Woods, Advance Tapes and Buhler Group, Cherie Concannon continues to be the standout choice for organisations looking to employ mastery in Executive Coaching and Business Development. Cherie has played the role of Executive Coach for many well know leaders of large organisations, not just within the UK but internationally.

Creator of the award-winning RPO programme (Raising Performance in Operations) and the Human Asset Development tool - YouMatter, Cherie is now pouring her expertise into supporting entrepreneurs and small businesses at the start of their journey through her Concannon Connection Business Community.

The Business Community

A membership based Community focussing on achieving success for your business

The Concannon Connection Business Community is the fastest growing network of small business founders in the Midlands. Through connecting individuals from a range of industries, the community focuses on achieving success for each member and provides affordable access to the insight and support of revered business coach Cherie Concannon.

Membership not only includes group workshops and one-to-one sessions with Cherie, but a wealth of other benefits from access to Business Experts to advertising opportunities for your business. The diversity in backgrounds within each group keeps members challenged, while the wealth of entrepreneurial expertise offers insight unlike any available in a stand-alone business.

With a 3-tiered membership plan, no commitment obligation and a free first session, this is the most exciting opportunity on the market for small businesses and start ups looking for support in their journey to success.

Concannon Connection Business Community

Concannon Connection Business Community Events

Monthly Events

Free events aimed at promoting collaboration in the Midlands Business Community

The Concannon Connection workshop events are held monthly and are completely free to attend. The themed events (e.g. Managing Change) are led by Cherie Concannon, with guest speaking slots and opportunity to network with others in the Midlands business community. Audiences range between 50 - 150 depending on the venue, with parking and lunch provided. The ideal workshop to bring colleagues and clients to, be sure to book your place well in advance as these events are more often than not over-subscribed.

With the continued growth in popularity of the Concannon Connection workshop events, we are now offering the opportunity to sponsor these workshops. With various sponsorship packages available and a limited number of sponsors per event, sponsorship will be organised on a first-come-first-served basis.



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