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Glynis Wright & Leadership Development

Glynis Wright and her team

If you’re local to the Leicester area and you haven’t heard of Glynis Wright, founder of Glynis Wright & Co. family solicitors and mediators, then you must be living in a cave! Every winter, Glynis is visible on giant billboards across the city centre and she’s regularly featured in the local press. However, in late 2018 her success story went to another level – by winning the highly prestigious national Small Law Firm of the Year award in the Law Society Excellence Awards. Her firm is the first to bring this national award back to Leicester.

I am very proud of Glynis Wright, especially as she is one of my clients. Glynis’s success, as well as her multiple award wins, is down to hard work, recruiting a dynamic team and having a strong sense of ethics and commitment to her clients. Glynis is highly driven and has proven that she can achieve any vision she has for her firm. Let’s hear what Glynis had to say…



Glynis Wright - How it all began…

I began my law career much later than most solicitors. Aged 40, I changed my career and started studying law and became a lawyer at the age of 42. Several years later, I took the leap of faith to start my own firm. Seven years on, this has evolved from one person (me!) to 18 people, including seven solicitors (six at senior level with at least 15 years of practising experience) and a strong support team. I am incredibly proud of all my team, as well as our highly ethical approach to putting our clients’ needs first and trying to keep people out of court.

Children and the effects of divorce

As a divorce lawyer, I feel very strongly about the emotional damage that can impact on children from parental breakup. Children’s feelings are often overlooked by parents when they’re fighting custody battles or arguing over contact. I believe that often this is on a sub-conscious level; people are often oblivious to the effect they are having on their children. One of the ways I decided to tackle this issue head-on was by launching a joint initiative with Soft Touch Arts called Pulled Both Ways. I am very passionate about raising awareness across local communities to encourage parents to consider their children while they’re going through divorce proceedings.

Clients and the community

I am about to launch a new therapeutic arm to the firm, which will enable my clients to get extra support when dealing with an often volatile and difficult divorce process. I will be encouraging access to a variety of therapists specialising in counselling, hypnotherapy and family therapy, and I also signpost to a specialist in the area of conscious uncoupling. When it comes to helping my clients, I see this as a natural next stage for my firm.

As well as looking for ways to help my clients, I am an active trustee for the Learning Without Limits Academy Trust and a Trustee for the fabulous Alex’s Wish Trust. As well as the project I am undertaking with Soft Touch Arts, I support many other charities across the area including Hope against Cancer and Charity Link and the amazing Curve Theatre.

Performance Management – YouMatter

One of the ways I have been working with Cherie involves using the YouMatter performance management tool within my firm. This tool fits in perfectly with HR, as it keeps a record of achievements and performance, including when someone is under-performing. You can determine someone’s skills to see whether they need training and development, and you can also set targets. Overall, I have found YouMatter to be a very effective staff management tool, especially when taking on new starters.

Leadership Development

Cherie has been working with my senior lawyers to develop their leadership and commercial skills. As well as having regular meetings, Cherie also has one-to-ones with my solicitors focusing on the key areas they would like to develop. Cherie’s involvement has been particularly important when it comes to succession planning for my firm.

On a personal level, I have found Cherie’s coaching really helpful. It can be very lonely as the head of a firm, so I find it useful to have an independent, objective viewpoint. I can also bounce exciting ideas around with Cherie when it comes to the firm’s future. I cannot recommend Cherie highly enough!

Glynis’s vision for the future…

My main ethos is to ensure that my clients’ have access to the support they need when they’re going through a difficult divorce process. As well as being actively involved in community projects, my vision for the future includes continuing to keep people out of court

by developing the mediation side of my business. I am looking to retrain in this area, as I find it very rewarding helping people reconcile their differences outside of court.

For more information on Glynis Wright & Co, please visit their website. If you would like details on the YouMatter performance management tool or more information about leadership development, then please…