How Can an Online Business Ally Benefit You?

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If you’ve been to one of my Concannon Connection events, you will know that I love bringing businesses together. Rather than running another ‘standard’ networking group, I wanted to create something of value, something different. I created an event where businesses could connect and learn at the same time. Every Concannon Connection has a theme, and my aim is that everyone leaves feeling inspired, whether it’s a new idea or a new business connection. Each time we meet, the group gets bigger and bigger!


In the same vein, I now want to bring the essence of my Concannon Connection events online. I have set myself the task of blogging regularly to create an ‘online’ Concannon Connection. This virtual business community will be a place where you can exchange ideas, as well as promoting, supporting and inspiring one another. I want you to use this space to connect, so you can share your success stories. Together, we can create a business culture that breeds success.

Success breeds success

Success is contagious. It’s like an emotion – you know when people are feeling down, they can bring you down too? Surround yourself with success and you will become infected. Surround yourself with successful people within your local business community, and you will learn how to achieve great things. This is why I started the Concannon Connection events, and it’s the same reason why I also run a Director’s Forum and the Concannon Connection Business Club.

Your success stories

I am looking for local businesses to share their real-life success stories with others. This blog-space is a platform for you to share your knowledge and your experiences. If you would like to feature on this page, then get in touch and tell us about your business journey.

· What challenges have you faced with your own business?

· What advice would you give to others just starting out in business?

· How can you inspire others in your business community?

Your challenges

I am really interested in hearing about any obstacles you overcame to get you to where you are today. We often learn more from our failures than from our successes. To be successful, we need to try things and take risks. I’m not someone who has original ideas, but I am skilled at latching onto the seed of an idea and growing this into something fabulous. Some of these ideas have withered and some have bloomed. This is how I've achieved success.

Get involved!

Using this blog-space, we can create a thriving online business community, but I need your help to do this. I’m looking for positive participation by those genuinely interested in galvanising and promoting one another. I want this blog to challenge and inspire. To create this community, we need your feedback, opinions, and ideas, so please get in touch. Together we thrive!

If you’d like to come along to one of our events, please speak to one of our team. As well as hosting our popular Concannon Connection events, we also run the Concannon Connection Business Club and a Director’s Forum.

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