How to Adapt to Change - Cherie's Top Tips

Adapting to Change

There are not many variables you can rely on throughout the entirety of your life. Death and Taxes? Ok, but even these things are affected by our topic of discussion here today.

Change - It’s a pretty safe bet that you will be experiencing this on an ongoing basis throughout your human existence. In fact, one could almost say that Life is synonymous with Change. So how do we adapt to change in order to become masters of our own journey?


Cherie’s Top Tips for Adapting to Change

  • Expect to go through a rollercoaster process

  • Give yourself space and do nothing when the change first happens

  • If you find yourself thinking everything is ok and you have it all under control immediately after a big change, or you are refusing to think about it and telling yourself nothing has happened, then ask yourself these questions: -

    • What will I do if this does actually happen?

    • How will I feel if this does actually happen?

    • How will I handle this if it’s not as simple/easy as I anticipate?

    • Am I in denial?

(Remember that this state of mind is often a way of helping you cope with stress and sometimes you will need to remain in it for a while)

  • When you find yourself feeling emotions, embrace them as you have a right to feel them. They are human and they are good for you as long as you acknowledge them and work them through.  You need to express them to someone who will not judge you or invalidate your emotions, someone who will help you come to terms with them.

  • When you find yourself feeling calmer about the change and more settled in the belief that it truly is going to happen and that you need to work out how to move forward with it, then you need to make a plan for how you will do this.

  • Once you have a plan for your new situation, seek help and support from someone who is already there. Learn how to live with your new situation.

  • Once you have new knowledge and skills, practice and live with your new situation.  Enjoy your new successes and congratulate yourself for being able to adapt.  Not everyone can adapt and often people get stuck.

  • Remember to keep yourself malleable, flexible and adaptable.  Human beings become ‘set in their ways’ and once we are STUCK, becoming UNSTUCK can be more painful than adapting in the first place.  So I recommend that you constantly challenge yourself.

Have any tips of your own for adapting to change you think the world needs to hear? Please share in the comments below!

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