Watches, Well-Being & Wine - An Evening at Lumbers


Watches, wine and wellbeing were the focus of the event created and delivered by a group of consultants I am coaching at Mattioli Woods.

We took 4 months to plan the event, which was held at the wonderful Lumbers Jewellers in Leicester. This development programme is designed to teach the participants to be creative and resourceful in finding ways to connect with prospective new clients and introducers.  I was very impressed with this group as the event was fun, extravagant, and informative. A great way to spend an evening looking at lavish watches, sipping champagne and having the pleasure of listening to interesting guest speakers.  The turnout was fantastic and the whole project was a success.

 This is a brilliant way to develop networking and new business development skills in people.  Its pragmatic and creative and engaging.  A team of 10 can all participate and it allows individual skills to shine.