Concannon Connection Workshop
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Concannon Connection Workshop

How to Maintain Your Personal Motivation

17th May 2019

Motivation lies at the heart of every success story. It is also a key ingredient in the recipe for ongoing happiness and wellbeing.

So how do we go about achieving and sustaining an effective level of motivation?

In our May event, we will be exploring the chemical tools you have available within your body, chemicals that you can actively influence through your everyday thinking, to promote feelings of motivation, productivity and wellbeing.

Join us for another fantastic morning of inspiring dialogue and business community connection.

Guest Speakers

David Major - Creative Direction

David Major - Creative Direction

David Major graduated in Graphic Design from De Montfort University and was offered a position at the prestigious Thumb Design Partnership in Soho through his degree show. Managing accounts for the likes of Thomson Holidays and Decca, David gained invaluable creative and client management skills eventually moving on to Pointer Communications as a senior designer. Whilst at Pointer David oversaw projects for Black & Decker and numerous Banking institutions and was made associate director after only 3 years.

With the onset of digital design David was invited to join TMW to help set up their creative team working with British Airways, L’Oreal and a variety of high street brands. In 1990 David launched the full service design and marketing agency Creative Direction. Since then the company has run studios in London, Cornwall and Leicester and has developed an enviable portfolio of clients that has included the Grosvenor House, Waitrose, Hambros Bank, M&S, O’Three, Rodda’s, HSBC, Arla and Kelly’s Ice Cream.

David is now the Director at his own creative agency - Creative Direction.

Mark Esho - Easy Internet

Mark Esho is the Director at Easy internet. At the age of five, he contracted polio, leaving him paralysed from the neck down. He was originally given a 10% chance of survival, but was eventually able to regain limited mobility. Mark moved to Nigeria at the age of eight to start mainstream school, before returning to Leicester at 18. He later completed an MBA at De Montfort University.

Mark has been the creative force behind several small business startups, including Rank4U, which at the time was one of only four search engine optimisation companies in the UK, and serviced clients including The Guardian and The Co-operative Group. He now runs a successful digital marketing agency - Easy Internet.

Mark's first book, 'I Can. I Will.' was published by Rethink Press in 2018.


Chutney Ivy, 41 Halford St, Leicester LE1 1TR, UK

(Parking voucher provided by Chutney Ivy, parking in NCP Rutland Street Carpark, Rutland Centre, 56 Halford St, Leicester LE1 1TQ.)

Chutney Ivy

Chutney Ivy is a Multi-award winning Indian Restaurant, situated in the heart of the Cultural Quarter in Leicester City.

All guests will be provided with a free lunch, aiming to bring the most traditional dishes from all corners of the Indian Sub-continent, maintain the classic Indian recipes and enhance the offering with some signature dishes to reflect the changing food trends in modern society. A real treat for anyone who has not experienced the food at Chutney Ivy!

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Business Community Member Session
8:00 AM08:00

Business Community Member Session

Business Community Member Session

25th April 2019

Member sessions run for approx. 4 hours and are jam packed with activity.  Member’s leave with an inspired sense of motivation not to mention the many referrals and connections made! Below is a guideline for what to expect at a Business Community Member Session:

  • Networking and introductions.  Each session has a mixture of CC members and guests.  This keeps the meetings fresh and provides new opportunities to connect. 

  • Review of CC performance report – The group will go through the main report produced for the year to date and we review how members are doing in general.  High performing members are acknowledged and big wins celebrated.  We also identify key issues and challenges facing members.

  • Concannon Connection Event – we review the last event and plan for the next event. This event belongs to Business Community Members and provides them with an amazing opportunity, with over 100 attendees of whom 50% are new attendees each time. This is a captive audience to whom members can market.  We will have our own display unit for members to show off their marketing material and members are encouraged to work it like an exhibition stand. We also brainstorm for future events, aiming to optimise the opportunities at the event for members.

  • Social media review – Members are fully connected via social media, with an evolving marketing plan to use these platforms for our mutual benefit.  We look to review this and assess the results, forming new ideas.

  • Company Focus – this is a key element of the members session where 3-5 of the member’s businesses are selected (from those who completed their reports).  The groups are then divided and allocated one business each, together with that business’s owner.  Each group is then dedicated to brainstorming, problems solving or creating improvement ideas for that business owner to take away from the session.

  • Workshop – each meeting has a workshop delivered by an expert and devoted to the key needs of the members as indicated in their reports.  Examples are Anna Price on how to create a marketing strategy or Kym Ellington on how to manage the finances of your business, raise money, accounting practices (See Anna’s bio and workshop details below).  Cherie will deliver workshops on selling, influencing and pitching techniques and managing and motivating oneself.

  • Reciprocity – the final part of the session is dedicated to members mixing it up and making referrals to each other. Members are also encouraged to book one to one meetings with each other to get to know each other’s business’s and how they can help each other.

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Business Community Member Session
8:00 AM08:00

Business Community Member Session

A Business Community Member session, with special guest Kym Ellington running a workshop on Financial Management & Accounting within your business. Click to see further details for session #3 of 2019. If you are interested in membership, please follow the link up top to choose from our 3 membership plans.

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