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Regular Membership

100.00 every month
  • Monthly Group Sessions

  • CC Business Experts

  • Quarterly Newsletter

  • 3x1hr one-to-one with Cherie / annum

  • CC promotion online / at events

  • Your business in CC Business Directory

  • CC Business Community Online Forum

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What do you get?


Monthly group sessions with your cohort of Business Community members. These sessions are led by Cherie and focus on identifying and achieving success for each member. Monthly performance data will be gathered and analysed by the Concannon Connection team and the success of your business clearly tracked.


Over the 30 years Cherie has been working in the industry, she has amassed a wealth of clients and colleagues with whom she can call on for advice. Business Community members get direct access to these people for their own advice - from marketing to insurance, there are experts available across many fields.


A quarterly newsletter will be sent out to all members. Through sharing stories of challenge and success from different members, and detailing what the future has in store, the newsletter captures the sense of camaraderie in the community.


3 x One-to-one mentoring sessions per annum with revered business coach Cherie Concannon. Access to this type of support from Cherie has previously been reserved for corporate clients. With Business Community membership offering an affordable path to her insight and support, other business networks pale in comparison.



Promotion of your business online (via the Concannon Connection website and social media platforms) and at CC events. Your business will have the option of representing its offering via a stall at the popular Concannon Connection workshops. This surely is worth the membership fee alone!


Your business will be filed in the Concannon Connection Business Directory hosted on our website. Another effective form of advertising for your business, and a recognised stamp of approval from a well respected source.


The Concannon Connection Online Forum provides members with an environment to discuss issues, ask questions and provoke dialogue among their cohort of Business Club members via an online forum.