For the past 18 months, I have been rolling out my YouMatter platform for Solutions Diverse, a market-leader when it comes to ground-breaking retail design and POS solutions. I was invited by Managing Director and Founder, Jayne Horsley to come into the business to give a fresh perspective on working relationships at a senior management level. Our aim was to improve the interactions between managers and directors to create an even stronger business for the future.

Solutions Diverse Deliver the Undeliverable

Established in 1995 by Jayne Horsley, Solutions Diverse is famed for providing innovative, cutting-edge retail display solutions. The company’s key services include retail design and display for global blue-chip clients, project management, installation and fitting. They have some unique approaches to the way they work including the ability to create in-house mock up shop displays and state-of-the-art holographic solutions for retail, POS and high-profile events.

From Jayne’s perspective, she wanted to be able to eventually step away from the business with the reassurance that the company would continue to grow and prosper. Having worked hard for the past two decades to build an impressive business offering, Jayne was looking for an objective, non-confrontational and diplomatic approach when it came to developing directors and senior managers as future leaders.

From the Founder, Jayne Horsley

Working with Cherie has been a really interesting process. I have found it very useful to have Cherie involved, as I can be frank about my thoughts and the business in full confidence. I have certainly seen many improvements in the way my managers and directors are now much more able to effectively manage upwards and downwards. The YouMatter process has been good for the team. As they have felt personally involved, this has led to a greater incentive to take part. Results are being shared and I can see this has made the team much stronger.

Businesses never stand still and need to grow. However, when people have been employed for a long time, complacency can kick in and this can cause problems. As an experienced outsider, Cherie offers an objective viewpoint on issues, acting as a go between, which has greatly reduced pressure on myself and from within the business.

Cherie always conveys her views in a positive, constructive manner, which is well received by the team. Cherie also provides guidance to help the team deal more effectively with situations. As a result of this process, my managers and directors are now greatly invested into their personal development. I can see that Cherie’s ability to add a different slant on people’s views has led to positive improvements.

Cherie’s YouMatter platform and involvement in developing my senior managers and directors has definitely been very beneficial and has made my business stronger.


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