"Cherie displays a great level of emotional intelligence."

“Using a people-focused approach, Cherie displays a great level of emotional intelligence, and she is highly skilled when it comes to spotting opportunities for people to move upwards into managerial positions. From an early stage of working together, Cherie advised there were key people in the business capable of delivering, and once these employees were identified, they would need guiding and coaching into their new roles. One of Cherie’s main unique selling points is her strong ability to not get dragged into the mechanics and working patterns of an organisation.”

Mike O’Brien, Managing Director, Newson gale

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“Since joining the Business Community, I have seen my profits soar."

“One of the key reasons behind my growth is the way that I have restructured my business, which is a direct result of working with Cherie. I find the group meetings very beneficial and supportive too – these sessions offer invaluable opportunities to share learnings and experiences with fellow business owners. I would highly recommend the CC Business Community to anyone looking to improve the way their business operates."

Louisa Sando Patel, Lead Copywriter & Content Manager, Bright Owl

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"The best bit is the regular one to one with Cherie, always an inspiration!”

“Being a member of the Concannon Connection Business Community has helped in so many ways. Running your own small business can be isolating at times, the club puts you in touch with others in the same situation. If I am struggling with a problem, chances are someone else in the club has encountered the same thing and solved it. There is also a great sense of satisfaction knowing I can help the others out too, it’s give and take. And the best bit is the regular one to one with Cherie, always an inspiration!”

Andy Neal, Astute Sales Solutions

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"I have been using Cherie’s services for the last few months and am proud to be part of her Business Community.”

“I have been using Cherie’s services for the last few months and am proud to be part of her Concannon Connection Business Community. She has made me look at all aspects of my business, including financial planning, communications, marketing and self-awareness. I have taken a lot from her teachings and my business brain is now far more focussed. I regularly attend Cherie’s Events and each of the clients I bring really enjoy the sessions. I have every intention to keep learning from Cherie, I have to thank her so much for listening to me and putting me on the right track.”

Chris Cain, Kazzoo, I.T. Solutions

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"I feel that I can see the positives more clearly. In short, work is now more fun!"

“When we first met I was heavily involved in all aspects of managing Advance Tapes at a very detailed level, I had little or no time for any strategic thinking. My co-Director was in a similar position. The work I have done with Cherie has brought in expertise and allowed me to focus on taking the business forward, a role that I am really enjoying. Cherie now works with all members of the senior team in both one to one sessions and quarterly group meetings which is helping the new Board to become increasingly effective.”

Mike Ayres, CEO, Advance Tapes

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"The CC Business Community is making a huge difference to my business."

“I’m a member of Cherie’s Concannon Connection Business Community, which is making a huge difference to my business, helping me focus, grow and stopping me from trying to be all things to all people. Cherie is genuinely interested in people, what makes them tick and helps them to grow their business with practical and focussed actions. She gives a reality check to your strategic thinking, expectations and cash flow and holds you to account to do what you say you’ll do. Not all coaches do that – and it really works!”

Sue Grogan, Director, Joined-Up Working

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"Generating new business directly through the community and member referrals."

“Being a member of the Concannon Connection Business Community has allowed me to identify and focus on important areas of business that often get neglected during the busy day to day running of a company. By taking scheduled time out with Cherie to discuss, compare and plan new strategies, the business is making confident strides forward and becoming ever more profitable."

David Major, Founder of Creative Direction

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