"I feel that I can see the positives more clearly. In short, work is now more fun!"

Mike Ayres, CEO, Advance Tapes

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Making a huge difference

"I’m a member of Cherie’s Concannon Connection Business Club, which is making a huge difference to my business, helping me focus, grow and stopping me from trying to be all things to all people. Cherie is genuinely interested in people, what makes them tick and helps them to grow their business with practical and focussed actions. She gives a reality check to your strategic thinking, expectations and cash flow and holds you to account to do what you say you’ll do. Not all coaches do that – and it really works!"

Sue Grogan, Director, Joined-up Working

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I first met Cherie just 8 months ago following a recommendation by Ian Mattioli, CEO of Mattioli Woods. Since then I have worked with Cherie to build a new Board of Directors and set out a new and exciting vision for our business. Cherie not only coached me personally through this process but also identified and introduced me to two new executive directors who are already making a real difference.

When we first met I was heavily involved in all aspects of managing Advance Tapes at a very detailed level, I had little or no time for any strategic thinking. My co-Director was in a similar position. The work I have done with Cherie has brought in expertise and allowed me to focus on taking the business forward, a role that I am really enjoying. Cherie now works with all members of the senior team in both one to one sessions and quarterly group meetings which is helping the new Board to become increasingly effective.

I feel that I can now see the positives more clearly (instead of always focussing on what was wrong) – in short, work is now more fun!
— Mike Ayres, CEO, Advance Tapes
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More Focused

"I have been using Cherie’s services for the last few months and am proud to be part of her Business Club. She has made me look at all aspects of my business, including financial planning, communications, marketing and self-awareness. I have taken a lot from her teachings and my business brain is now far more focussed. I regularly attend Cherie’s Events and each of the clients I bring really enjoy the sessions. I have every intention to keep learning from Cherie, I have to thank her so much for listening to me and putting me on the right track."

Chris Cain, Director, Kazzoo IT Solutions


Thank you for the invitation to today’s workshop. The setting of Lumbers Jewellers was a superb inspired choice and really added to a first class event. You mentioned at the very start that this wasn’t a typical networking event and that resonated. The flow, guest speakers and attendees all impressed. I would unquestionably attend again and I will be putting into action some of the points you raised during the workshop, tremendously thought provoking.

The Kick Start I Needed

"I have known Cherie for a while now and she has had a major impact on the development of my business over the last 18 months.  The most important thing was one of the very first meetings where Cherie gave me the confidence to quit corporate life and develop my own business.  She has been with me every step of the way since.  Although developing my own business is, ultimately, down to me, Cherie has certainly contributed in accelerating the process and she gave me the kick start I needed."

Andy Neal, Astute Sales Solutions

I recently started my business as a Coach to support SMEs to grow and improve their performance, utilising my 25 years corporate experience. Having started networking in Leicestershire, many I came across fondly said that my character was like Cherie’s. So I reached out to Cherie via LinkedIn and we met for a coffee. Cherie was brilliant. So open and transparent. Straight talking and supportive. Incredibly helpful ... giving advice from her 30 years experience to ensure I could benefit from her knowledge of the Leicester SME market and fast track my startup. This helped to refine my proposition and I successfully won 4 clients within a few weeks. And yes, we were similar in many ways and complimentary in many ways too.
— Dee Beckett, Business Growth Director, MOSAIC



Everybody needs a Concannon Connection in their life!

"I met Cherie and her professional team during my previous employment as a senior director. Quickly she established I was a frustrated and at times a stifled individual that wanted to make a step change to my career but did not know what direction to take. She listened to my frustrations then simply said STOP! If what you want is change then take the first steps and commit. So I did and WE worked on a plan.

Now almost a year on I left my job, set up my own business as an operational consultant and through doing so inadvertently found a new career within a completely new business that has offered me a “dream" position as Operations Director for the U.K. and Europe. I could not and would not have taken this journey had it not been for the sound advice, complete honesty and direct mentoring afforded to me by Cherie. She helped keep me focussed when I wavered and kept me believing I would succeed.

Everybody needs a Concannon Connection in their life!"

Kevin McCook, Managing Director, MacCook Retail Ltd