Human Asset Development


The Platform

Built on the notion that all organisations are made of human beings capable of learning and developing in ways only limited by their environment, our YouMatter platform is based on Cherie’s 30 years experience working closely with businesses to realise the full potential of their workforce. Recognising a gap between what current performance management systems require of managers, and what managers can actually perform, the YouMatter platform looks to take the time commitment out of Human Asset Development, whilst driving engagement, identifying unused talent and recognising key areas for individual and organisational development.


What can you expect?


Culture of Engagement

The YouMatter platform effectively measures the engagement levels of your workforce over time. It provides insight into your operation, identifying hidden issues and outlining the way forward for your organisation through the eyes of your employees. The tool also builds engagement by providing a space for employees to feel heard.

Enhanced Management

Through direct coaching and mentoring, your management will be trained in how to effectively organise and deliver a performance management system that works for your organisation. Your managers will become astute mentors in their role, able to motivate their colleagues and drive the development of their team members.

Relationships that Work

Too many companies operate inefficiently due to dislocated hierarchies and dysfunctional relationships. The YouMatter platform connects areas of your organisation, building positive and productive working relationships that in themselves enhance motivation, ownership and engagement.

Realistic Time Commitments

The market is flooded with performance management tools that promise the world, but make unrealistic demands on the time of your management and employees. The YouMatter Human Asset Development tool is built to operate sustainably in the fast moving environments of today’s businesses.

Every organisation has a wealth of hidden talent bubbling under the surface. By identifying this unrealised talent and providing an environment for them to flourish in, the YouMatter platform promotes the success of these truly distinct individuals.

Know your Hidden Talent

Based on a scoring rubric designed to give an indication of how each employee (and the organisation) is performing in key areas of their role, YouMatter provides quantifiable evidence over time to recognise patterns in workforce skills and behaviours, identifying key training needs and areas for development.

Tracking for the Future